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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Dee Carver, I am the owner of Personalized Marketing Inc, former Coffee Time Romance Reviewer and Romance Author. Throughout the years since my first book was originally published in 2005, I have seen many changes in the publishing industry and more importantly how technology has changed the face of it. We have seen the growth of ebooks, audiobooks, and online bookstores. Last year alone became one of the biggest years for ebooks, however, print still remains steadfast. In today’s market how does one face the challenges of not only writing the story but also getting it to readers? Marketing…

    Welcome to Digital Marketing

    Last year my daughter bought me an Amazon Echo Dot and I must admit, I am sold! Of course, looking at all the other things Alexa can do, including coffee… Something that I did notice and have already began using is the ‘list’ feature. I can just ask Alexa to add an item to my shopping list and it’s there on my phone. Which means I can add items as they pop in my head and suddenly, I have a working list.

    AI Integration

    Wouldn’t it be great to have the same functionality for those precious books you have written or read and want to share? Well Alexa can do it… My granddaughter gave me a quick lesson in that when instead of specifying a song, Alexa wanted to know if we wanted her to read the book to us. In the past we have mentioned how AI is taking shopping to the next level and you do not have to have an Alexa to make it happen. Smartphones and other AI devices, including your computer, can search for the item you want and then read to you. With this new way for busy buyers to access your products, maybe it’s time to look at how you have listed them.

    Search Engine Changes & Shopping

    Google Assistant is one of those AI’s that can help you find products just by asking it and until recently we were all phrasing items as questions. However, Google Search has changed again and those phrases (questions) are going to generate new results. Now of course if you have been using true SEO methods and Marketing, then you are doing good. Just do a quick search (without being logged in or use Private Browsing) and see what populates about you and specifically one of your products. Now with books, that might come across a bit disappointing, especially if you have only been posting your books with the meta content the title alone. However, if you are an avid blog follower then you know it’s you and not your ‘books’ that people should be looking for. Book Marketing is this… People need to remember your name… Not the title of your newest book, well at least not just the title alone. Amazon has a perfect example of this … ‘Follow’ the author.

    Remember no matter what type of marketing you are doing, you the author are the primary and everything else is secondary. Give the readers a chance to get to know you and brand your name into their memories.

    Thank you for reading, if you have any comments, questions or thoughts, please by all means let us know.


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    Is this Coffee Time page still active? I see nothing online? Continued sucess with your writing.


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      Her class is over if that is what you are asking????


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        Hi there what is the timing for the classes