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ID:	100Blair didn’t have to venture a glance at Forge to know how he felt. He might have been occupying himself with mundane conversations with Ben, but Blair knew better. Powerful emotions of surprise mingled with delight rolled in waves off his soulmate. There were bundles of balloons lining the inside of the three-sided tent. Chairs for the guests were in ranks of semicircles, with more balloons along the ends of each row. The dais where Forge and Blair would exchange their vows was decorated with balloon bouquets in pots to form a backdrop. They were in the colors of the basketball and baseball teams that were Blair’s and Forge’s favorites. About a third of them bore the teams’ logos.

    “The balloons were Lucas’s idea,” Ben said in a low voice. “He pointed out that neither of you is really a flowers sort of guy.”

    “They’re perfect,” Blair whispered.

    “Where the hell did he find them?” Forge asked in a low voice.

    Ben shrugged. “You know Lucas and Declan. They have their ways.”

    Everyone other than Ori, Declan, and Lucas were seated. When Simon stopped playing, he and Ben took seats near the piano. Moose sat beside them, and Ben took a small basket from under his seat and held it on his lap.

    “Gentlemen.” Ori motioned them to the dais. There hadn’t been any sort of rehearsal, but everyone seemed to know what to do and be more than happy to direct Blair and Forge.

    They took their places in front of Ori, facing each other and holding hands. Declan stood behind Forge and Lucas behind Blair.

    Ori wore a formal black suit and tie with a white shirt. A white prayer shawl—tallit, Blair remembered, was what it was called—with lovely black strips woven into the material was draped around his shoulders. A simple white kippah rested on his head, and he’d pulled his hair back, holding it with a strip of material that matched the tallit.

    With a slow smile spreading across his face, Ori asked, “Ready?”

    “Yes,” Blair said, and Forge swallowed hard, then nodded.

    “From the earliest days, vampires have existed, I’m sure the concept of taking soulmates was as important then as it is today. We form our bonds and create our families out of others like us and those who accept us. Soulmates are complements, opposites who complete each other. They are truly one soul in two bodies. The formation of our soulbonds is easier for some than others, and common ground is required.” Ori paused and glanced pointedly from Forge to Blair. “I understand some need a little more work on finding their common ground than others.”

    Declan covered his mouth and cleared his throat, and Blair caught a slow smile spreading over Simon’s face.

    “However, it is finding common ground that gives our bonds such true and great strength. It hasn’t been until recently that many bonded vampires were able to also legally marry.” He turned toward Declan and nodded. Ben held out the basket to Moose, who obediently took the handle in his mouth.

    Declan snapped his fingers once, and Moose trotted to him, sat, and held the basket until Declan relieved him of it and stepped forward. There were two small boxes in the basket. One had the letter J painted on it and the other was marked with a B. Declan handed Lucas the box with Forge’s ring before he took the box holding Blair’s ring. Moose’s tail swished softly over the floor while Declan opened the box and held it so Forge could grasp the ring inside.

    “Your rings are merely one symbol of your bond,” Ori continued. “The design of your rings accurately demonstrates that your bond is one where opposites complement perfectly. Opposite, but still alike in so many ways. Wearing these rings tells the world you two are one. You belong together.”

    Ori nodded to Forge, and Blair had the feeling he’d performed this ceremony, or a version of it, before. “Jonas Forge, by placing the ring on Blair’s finger, your promise to him is your love, protection, and devotion.”

    “Always,” Forge croaked the word out, and Blair took the opportunity to give his hand a squeeze. He was overwhelmed by the feelings of love and happiness he felt consuming Forge.

    Ori nodded to Lucas, who brought Forge’s ring forward. Blair carefully took it from the box, thinking how he and Forge had indeed found common ground. The FBI badge was a comforting weight in Blair’s pocket.

    Taking Forge’s left hand, Blair slipped the ring onto Forge’s finger, saying before Ori could, “I promise my love, protection, and devotion.”

    Ori smiled. “Jonas and Blair found their common ground. They both enjoy a good game of basketball, playing and as spectators. Each in their own way is a man who passionately loves justice and endeavors to uphold it, always.” Clearly Ori had done his homework and spent time talking to those closest to Forge and Blair.

    Moose picked that moment to jump to his feet and bark, wagging his tail. Lucas whispered a “Yes!”

    “It is a Jewish tradition to invite guests not only to attend the nuptials, but to join the couple in dance. That is a favorite tradition of mine. Now is the time for us to celebrate the marriage of Jonas Forge and Blair Turner.”

    Ori said some other words, but Blair was no longer paying attention. Forge pulled him close for a powerful hug and sweet kiss Blair was very happy to return.

    The Penningtons had prepared a wonderful meal. Tables were set up near the portable heaters. The formality of the ceremony gave way to an overabundance of hugs and cheers.

    One of Blair’s favorite things he’d learned since bonding with Forge was that they both loved to dance. Blair had been happy to discover his husband wasn’t shy at all about dancing in public, and today among their friends and chosen family, he was even less so.

    As the sun set and the stars rose, they turned the music up and danced the night away. Tomorrow, or maybe the day after, the Vampire Guard would require their services once more and send them on another mission.

    Tonight, however, was all about good food, a celebration of love and life, and dancing the night away under the stars.


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