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Important Aspects Of An Industry Email List Adwords Landing Page

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  • Important Aspects Of An Industry Email List Adwords Landing Page

    3 fundamental factors of an AdWords landing page On certain occasions I get the feeling that when carrying out a sponsored ads campaign , we forget an extremely important factor, such as an AdWords landing page or landing page. The use of the adverb "extremely" might seem exaggerated, but if we take into account that if we do not convert (understood as conversion, a sale, a phone call, filling out a contact form, etc.) our investment in Google AdWords will not have paid off as satisfying as we would have liked. Unless we are dealing with an advertising Industry Email List campaign on Google's Red Display whose objective is to enhance or improve the identity of our brand, where its success does not lie in the number of conversions but rather in the number of impressions achieved.

    Therefore, from my point of view, the AdWords landing page is one of the first elements of a Google ad campaign that we must optimize. Because, what is the use of carrying out a good selection of keywords , as well as capturing the attention of users with creative ads, if when Industry Email List we are before it, we do not know how to transmit or communicate everything that we would like it to do? To carry out the optimization of an AdWords landing page, we must do it from different approaches or aspects. On the one hand, from the point of view of Web Positioning or SEO , more specifically from web relevance On the other hand, from the point of view Industry Email List of Usability and Conversion .

    These last two approaches I understand that, to be more effective, they must go hand in hand, later we will see why. First important aspect of an AdWords landing page The first key aspect is the Relevance of the landing page , especially if our ads are going to be shown on the Google Search Network, specifically, in your Industry Email List search engine. If you wonder why, the answer lies in the relationship between Relevance and Quality Level . The Quality Score in AdWords influences not only the ranking of the ad but also the cost per click .