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    What are you reading? What is about? (no spoilers) Who is your favorite character? Why did you pick up this book to read?


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    I'm reading lots of different Korean manhwa. They update chapters weekly, so I read a bunch of different one to fill time. Of all the ones I'm reading, my current favorites are Solo Leveling, The Villainess Lives Again, Lucia, The Beloved Little Princess, and The Flower and the Beast. I'm all about transmigration, returner, reincarnation, and isekai stories.

    The title that got me into Korean fiction was Solo Leveling. I started with the manhwa and then wanted to know what happened next without waiting for weekly updates, so I switched to the light novel. Awesome, awesome, awesome story. Absolutely love it and the art in the manhwa is amazing. It's about Jin-Woo who lives in a world being attacked by magical beasts through "gates." Humans are imbued with powers to battle the beasts since normal weapons can't touch them. Jin-Woo starts off as the weakest, goes through a deadly test, and ends up becoming the strongest because he's the only person who can level up (hence the title).

    My favorite character is Igris. He's Jin-Woo's first knight and such a badass character who needed so much more screen time than he got. But there's such a huge cast that, that wasn't possible. He's the epitome of the strong silent type who lets his actions speak louder than his words ever could.


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      I listen to audio more than I read. I picked up a load of first in series audio books a couple of weeks back in an author event and I’m working though then a series at a time.
      At the moment I’m listening to The Ashwood Falls series by Lia Davis, a clever author who manages to put a lot of detail into her novella length romances.
      Ashwood is unusual, it’s a mixed pack of wolves and leopards, with two of every pack role including alphas working and living together, while the rouge onyx pack attack and attempt to destroy all it can’t control. But war has casualties and innocents on both sides and like life is never as black and white as we might think.


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        I'm reading The Bachelor by Sabrina Jeffries.

        It is a historical romance and was given to me by my big brother.
        My eldest brother always gives me historical romances for special occasions.

        I'm only 36 pages into it and don't have a favorite character yet.

        Cynthia Sax


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          I am rereading Catherine Coulter's FBI series and also Jill Shalvis's Wildstone series. I love Coulter's FBI series with the imaginative cases they try to solve (multiple ones in some of the books) and reoccurring characters that leave me wanting more. Jill Shalvis's Wildstone series is full of heart and the many different ways love, family and friendship can happen in this California small town that makes me want to go visit.


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            I review for another site, and just picked a new book by Angela Knight, and another by Stephanie Burke. Honestly, I LOVE both of them! I'd read their grocery lists, and probably fan-girl fave about them in a review! Just got both of them today, but I can't wait to start them!