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Do You Have Book Related Dreams?

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  • Do You Have Book Related Dreams?

    I often dream about the book I've been writing or reading.
    I thought this was normal.
    But yesterday, I was talking with a friend and she told me she NEVER dreams of the books she reads.

    Do you dream of the books you've read/written?

    Cynthia Sax

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    My dream a few nights ago was set on an alien planet.
    The planet was rich in resources and many other beings would try to invade it.
    The cities were powered by the burning the bodies of those invading warriors.

    Then they ran out of invading warriors.

    To power the cities,
    they now feed the great machines tourists.
    The gates in Departures look like they lead to the ships but are really leading to the machines.
    The motto is "You'll love this planet so much; you'll never leave."
    I was reading articles that night on carbon sequestering, how oil (aka dead things) was Earth's way of burying carbon and putting her systems back in balance.
    THIS is what my mind did with that research.
    Anyhoo... this premise has a SciFi Horror vibe and I'm very much a Romance type of gal.
    I would crack jokes, destroying the spooky vibe, and then give the story a happy romantic ending.
    But maybe, if I put this out there, it will inspire someone.

    Cynthia Sax