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  • Discover New Adventures: Love, Mystery, and Heartfelt Stories Await

    Dear Reader,
    In THE ECHO OF OLD BOOKS by bestselling author Barbara Davis, rare-book dealer Ashlyn Greer's deep connection with books extends beyond their physical aspects. She possesses a unique ability to feel the emotional history of past owners. Her life takes an intriguing turn when she discovers a pair of unpublished, beautifully bound books inscribed with the conflicting stories of a tragic romance from authors Hemi and Belle. Engulfed in a decades-old literary mystery, Ashlyn sets out to uncover the truth behind Hemi and Belle's doomed love story. As she delves deeper into their tale of broken promises and betrayals, she finds herself inching closer to resolving her own life's unfinished chapters.
    by Barbara Davis

    ISBN: 1542038162
    EAN: 9781542038164
    Kindle: B0B9RNFT4S
    Trade Size / e-Book / audiobook

    Mystery Historical, Women's Fiction Historical

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    In the emotional new novel by Mary Ellen Taylor, artist Dani Manchester and her preteen daughter navigate life's challenges following a personal loss and an uncertain future. After losing her ex-husband and facing impending blindness, Dani impulsively sells her Outer Banks home and purchases an old farm near the Virginia state line. Despite her daughter's resistance to this drastic change, they move and begin an arduous renovation project, turning a dilapidated silo into an art studio. This transformative summer brings new friendships, love, and challenges. Amidst the biggest storm of their lives, Dani and her daughter learn that they can weather any adversity, provided they face it together. Pick up WHEN THE RAIN ENDS today.
    by Mary Ellen Taylor

    May 2023
    On Sale: May 1, 2023
    ISBN: 1542034531
    EAN: 9781542034531
    Kindle: B0B2P7K698
    Trade Size / e-Book / audiobook

    Women's Fiction Contemporary

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    In this heartwarming novel, SWEET HOME JACKSON HOLE by Cindy Kirk, July Greer and Dr. David Wahl find themselves in an emotional whirlwind when David, who was July's one-night stand, unexpectedly delivers her baby in the ER. David, who has been grappling with his wife's death, cannot forget his encounter with July in Chicago. When they reunite in Jackson Hole, he suspects the baby might be his, although July denies it. As they navigate this complicated situation, they soon discover they've been given a second chance at love. This touching story, filled with dreams coming true, will surely pull at your heartstrings and keep you engrossed till the late hours. Secure your copy today on Kindle Unlimited!
    by Cindy Kirk

    May 2023
    On Sale: May 1, 2023
    Kindle: B0BLT8V3Z3

    Romance Small Town, Romance

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    In the latest Haunted Bookshop Mystery, THE GHOST GOES TO THE DOGS, by New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle, bookseller Penelope McClure and her ghostly PI partner, Jack Shepard, are led to a perplexing case by a stray dog. Amidst a busy Pet Mystery Week at Penelope's Rhode Island bookshop, she discovers a warm-hearted widow, Mrs. Cunningham, unconscious and injured from an alleged hunting accident. Skeptical of the official explanation, Penelope enlists Jack's help, drawing on his experience from a 1940s dog-related case. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they must race against time to prevent the culprit from striking again and putting this case to rest.
    by Cleo Coyle

    Haunted Bookshop Mystery #9
    May 2023
    On Sale: May 2, 2023
    336 pages
    ISBN: 0425255492
    EAN: 9780425255490
    Kindle: B0B8GC8YHT
    Mass Market Paperback / e-Book / audiobook

    Mystery Cozy, Mystery Paranormal, Mystery Book Lover

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    In the next installment of Abigail Owen’s captivating YA fantasy series, the hidden princess finds herself entangled in a complex web of power, love, and deceit. Living as the false queen alongside the tyrannical King Eidolon, she finds solace in her Shadowraith, Reven, whose shadows are growing darker and more powerful. As they strive to escape the king's relentless forces, they face betrayals and dangerous love, forcing the princess to embrace a queenly destiny she was never meant for. Caught between a love that could prove deadly and an evil that relentlessly pursues her, she must navigate her fate with both. Get your copy of THE STOLEN THRONE today, available in hardcover, audiobook or ebook.
    by Abigail Owen

    Dominions Book 2
    May 2023
    On Sale: May 2, 2023
    ISBN: 1649372817
    EAN: 9781649372819
    Kindle: B0B9KVXJ9P
    Hardcover / e-Book / audiobook

    Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult

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    PATHWAY TO LAVENDER VALLEY the second book in the Sisters of the Heart Series by USA Today bestselling author Tammy L. Grace, unfolds the life-altering journey of Harriet 'Harry' McKenzie. As she concludes her thirty-year career with the Salem Police Department, she unexpectedly inherits the estate of her foster mother, Jewel Austin. Despite the shock, Harry's deep respect for Jewel compels her to carry out her last wish. She takes over Jewel's work at Lavender Valley Farm and embarks on the challenging task of uniting Jewel's other foster daughters. Amidst adjusting to farm life and helping solve a local crime, Harry grapples with a pivotal decision that could reshape her life. This heartwarming tale of unexpected reunions and life-changing choices will captivate fans of Debbie Macomber or Sheila Roberts.
    by Tammy L. Grace

    Sisters of the Heart
    May 2023
    On Sale: May 3, 2023
    Kindle: B0BSTM8C9W

    Women's Fiction

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    In ISLAND HEAT by Debby Grahl, bookstore owner Suzanna Shay and writer Austen Kincade spark a romantic connection during a mystery cruise, where their quest for clues becomes secondary to their blossoming romance. However, their love is tested when a leading actress, who is also Austen's publisher's wife, becomes vindictive after her advances are rejected by Austen. Upon disembarking, Suzanna and Austen, envisioning a future together, are soon entwined in a web of deceit and a life-threatening mystery, making their newfound love undergo the ultimate test.
    by Debby Grahl

    The Carolina Series
    May 2023
    On Sale: May 1, 2023
    ISBN: 1509248714
    EAN: 2940186731580
    Kindle: B0BW4S3QPZ
    Paperback / e-Book

    Romance Suspense

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