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Guardian Demon by Aurora Ascher

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  • Guardian Demon by Aurora Ascher

    “You’d better stop staring at me like that, or I’m going to pin you back against the wall and finish what you started.”

    Guardian Demon is the fourth book of the Hell Bent series by Aurora Ascher.

    Raum has always been the calm and quiet one. Even more, he’s lost 300 hundred years of his memories as a punishment for a grave transgression. I loved how direct, loyal and fiercely protective he is. He might be grumpy but he has quite the playful side, too. And did I mention he loves and cares for animals? He might be a bit thievish (or a lot), but that smoking-hot demon is utterly irresistible and I adored every single thing about him!

    Sunshine is an absolute badass! She’s fierce, brave, resourceful and compassionate. Even more, I loved her slightly violent streak. She might be an angel but she has quite the snarky side that I loved so much! She’s so magnificent!

    I absolutely adored everything that happened between Raum and Sunshine. One is looking for a purpose in life and the other seeks redemption. And after their paths cross, they embark on a dangerous journey through Hell in search of The Book of Gamigin. From the moment they met, their attraction was undeniable and both were fighting their forbidden desires so hard. But they were absolutely amazing together. And I had so much fun with their dynamic and banters. With everything both have been through, they more than deserved to find happiness and love with one another. And the spice… The spice was hot as hell! It’s always the quiet ones, you know… If Sunshine and Raum weren’t so perfect for each other, I’d be jumping to take her place and be his good girl for eternity! I’d let that dominant, possessive and dirty-mouthed demon do all the despicable things to me!

    In addition, the storyline was phenomenal! When I talk about plot twists, I mean TWISTS! Secrets, surprises, revelations, demons, witches, angels (Raphael is a tool!), non-stop action, danger… you name it. I was glued to the pages till the very end. Even more, Aurora writes characters so awesome, I’m liking Murmur more and more with each new story. And Bel just needs to growl and I go all hot and bothered.

    Did I love Guardian Demon?! Absolutely!
    Do I recommend it?! Hell-to-the-YES!!!
    Do I really, really, really need to see what happens next?! Yes, please! Blurb

    A demon with a forgotten past…

    Raum is the quiet one who rarely smiles. He’s felt numb since Heaven wiped his memory as punishment for crimes he can’t remember. His only relief comes from his penchant for theft and his unusual connection with animals. That is until he crosses paths with a beautiful angel who traps him with the worst kind of blackmail…

    An angel searching for redemption…

    A loyal servant of Heaven, Sunshine is fighting to regain her rank and redeem her shameful past. Tasked with retrieving a grimoire from Hell, she binds Raum into her service with an unbreakable contract. He must help her navigate the underworld or lose everything he holds dear. But her ruthless plan backfires when she finds herself drawn to him like a moth to a flame…

    A forbidden desire… Giving in means sacrificing everything.

    The rivalry between demons and angels is ancient and deep, yet it can’t extinguish their scorching attraction. But when hints of Raum’s past finally come to light, a web of deception and betrayal is revealed that changes everything… About the author

    Paranormal-fantasy romance author Aurora Ascher loves to write about misunderstood mythical creatures, redeemable anti-heroes, and epic happily-ever-afters. A woman of many creative pursuits, Aurora is also a professional musician and artist, and she enjoys bringing her characters to life by painting the art for her book covers.

    She currently resides in Montreal with her trusty espresso machine and her endlessly patient husband, whom she sometimes doesn’t see for hours until she emerges from her writing cave like a bear in springtime.

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